Season 1, Episode 1: July 19th, 2011

Krag and the party battle a group of bandits deep in the forest. Well, Krag does.


Director: Adam Rady
Writer: James Rodehaver
Executive Producer: Adam Rady, James Rodehaver
Associate Producer: John Buco, Adam Cier
Casting: Adam Rady, James Rodehaver
Editor: Adam Rady
Director of Photography: Adam Rady, John Buco
Camera Operator: John Buco
Sound Mixer: Lemar Harris
Assistant Director: Adam Cier
Wardrobe Designer: John Buco
Prop Designer: John Buco
Composer: Brianna Keihle
Orchestration & Arrangement: Drew Connery
Additional Music: Drew Connery, Jonah Priour
Location Scout: Adam Rady, James Rodehaver, Adam Cier
Additional Wardrobe: Frank Giarmona, Carol King Priour


Krag: Eric Radic
Markus: Adam Rady
Angie: Katie Wilson
Garand: Jonah Priour
Alex: Teresa Decher
Bandit Leader: Adam Radick
Bandit Archer: Bryan Roy
Bandit Swordsman: James Rodehaver
Bandit Spearwoman: Caryn Crye
Bandit in Black: Adam Cier