Adam grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, playing video games, reading books, and dreaming of the time he would one day leave his homeland and fulfill his destiny as an epic hero. Upon arriving in the faraway land of Los Angeles, California in 2009 he discovered this long awaited chance at epicness. Directing and starring in Walking In Circles as Markus, Adam found the adventure he had always craved. He has since followed up this heroicness by co-producing and hosting the live celebrity video game hangout, Twin Galaxies Live where you could find him gaming, chatting, and growing his beard. Currently, Adam is hosting Winter is Coming Live, Entertainment Weekly and Fansided's Game of Thrones live fan reaction and discussion program.



No one knows where James Rodehaver came from or why he’s here, but one thing is for certain, he wrote a series called Walking In Circles. James has been trying to write something coherent since the fourth grade and has been very successful in the field of “beginnings of stories that are quickly abandoned”. Walking In Circles marks the first project that he’s actually finished, which means it should be another 22 years until the world sees anything else. Unless we’re counting, Shake, his entry into the Cleveland 48 hour film festival which got a nomination for best use of the required prop. He’s a lifelong geek with an unhealthy obsession for rolling dice and pretending to kill monsters. Things he does to procrastinate from writing include reading, playing video games and avoiding direct sunlight.



Cinematographer Jared Hoy has been working in Hollywood for over a decade on feature films, pilots, web series, music videos and more. He earned a BFA in cinema studies with a heavy focus on producing and directing.  A native of Pennsylvania, Jared was fortunate enough to shoot his first film in high school and knew then it was what he wanted to pursue, he transplanted to Los Angeles in July of 2001 where he has spent the time since working in the entertainment industry as a director, cinematographer and lighting designer for feature films and television as well web new media.  Credits include Video Game Reunion for Comedy Central, The Guild, Titans Go! for Cartoon Network, Yes Man, Seven Pounds and House MD for Fox.



John came to Los Angeles in 2007, planning to pursue a career as an actor. Splitting time between jobs and finding acting work, he waited until something new came his way. Walking In Circles is that project. While not having the opportunity to perform in Season 1, he busied himself working on all the below-the-line efforts. Props, costumes, and learning how to use a camera for the first time in his life were the most important elements. Most of the props, including the pouches, bags, books, and Krag's iconic warhammer were designed and built by John. He has a dual degree in theatre and psychology from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. He has studied with The Second City in Los Angeles and is a graduate of their improvisation program. You can find John in Season 2 of Walking In Circles as Patrick the ranger.



TJ Cencula began his fighting career in martial arts before landing at Swordplay Studios.  In addition to his extensive combat background, TJ earned a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago and uses his independent production experience to specifically shape stunt fighting for the screen.  He is also the creator of the interactive online series Warrior Showdown.



Honestly, none of us are really sure Drew Connery is a real person. All we really know is he makes darn good music and loves Hugh Jackman. Like, loves him. Also, apparently he just had a kid. Good job Drew. Good job.