As a kid, Teresa was obsessed with Legos and stealing her father's camcorder to write and star in her own home videos. As an adult, not much has changed. Teresa graduated highschool slightly early at the age of 17, and moved to Los Angeles where she still resides, acting, writing, and creating her own content. She started studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2012 and now performs improv and sketch regularly, and is stoked to be on the Mess Hall team Parade. She is one half to the sketch duo Yes Please Comedy, where she makes YouTube videos with her partner in crime, Jason Nguyen. She has also appeared in Lifetime's The Client List, Nike Campaigns, independent features, and sketches for The Nerdist.



Annemarie grew up in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA.  As an only child, she often created productions to entertain her Chilean and American family.  Throughout high school, she was involved in theater and dance productions while studying acting as a hobby.  With her family not involved in the entertainment industry, she was asked by her parents to pursue a degree in a field that she also had great interest in, animal medicine.

Annemarie achieved a BA in Animal Science/Pre-Vet medicine.  Upon completion of her degree, she traveled to Okinawa, Japan and lived there for a brief time, in addition to traveling throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S.  She returned to follow her first passion of acting full time.  “Annemarie's work is inspiring and moving.  Her performances are rich and clear combining intelligence with imagination". Lynette Katselas McNeill - Director and Acting Coach.



Kate Cobb is a Chicagoan, born and raised. She graduated in 2010 from The Theatre School at DePaul University with her BFA in Acting. She recently appeared in Showtime's original series Shameless as Jane Pratt and guest starred as Liz on USA Network's Sirens. Kate can also be found in the independent feature The Ghosts, in addition to This Is Our Time, and To Have & Have More. She currently lives in Los Angeles, and is represented by The House of Representatives. She is thrilled to have been a part of Walking in Circles!



At a very young age, Chloe was putting on a show! Often conducting full scale musicals with her stuffed animals, giving concerts from her mother's coffee table and choreographing dance numbers for her neighbors with the family garage as her stage, it never occurred to Chloe to grow up to be something other than an actor. Dance was also a defining influence in Chloe's life. She trained at Boulder City Ballet Company and Dance Etc. under the direction of Amy Arnaz and staff in Boulder City, Nevada wherein she excelled in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Irish, tap and pointe. At this non-competitive studio, a strong emphasis was given to method and art. As a result, Chloe selected the prestigious Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts as her choice for High School. Surprising her friends, family and dance instructors, Chloe chose the exclusive Theatre program over Dance at LVA.

After high school, Chloe was accepted into the CalArts Acting BFA program in Santa Clarita, California. After a short time at the school, Chloe made the brave decision to leave the program and move to the heart of Film & Television in Los Angeles. Chloe continues to live in Los Angeles with her dog, Foxy Mamacita. She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and spending time with her family.



Jennifer was born into a military family which found her traveling all over as a young child. She started modeling at fourteen while her family was stationed in Japan. Attending an open call, she was signed by a local agency. While modeling in Japan she came across a type of modeling called Cosplaying (costume play). With her love of Halloween, it wasn’t very long before she started to dress up and cosplay with her friends. Jennifer started acting in her senior year of high school. Pursuing her love of performing, her very first job was playing Disney Princesses at Walt Disney World. Wanting to perform as much as she could she also started working as an actor at Universal Studios and as a diver at SeaWorld. Very few auditions for movies and TV came through Florida so Jennifer decided to make the big move to Los Angeles in 2008. Since living in LA she has performed on the Scream Awards, been a dancer for the Smashing Pumpkins, been on TV shows CSI Miami, The Forgotten, Nikita, acted in short films, done a handful of web series and commercials, and has been the lead actress/villain for the popular Halloween Haunt Dark Harbor on the famous Queen Mary for the past three years. Jennifer also fell into stunt work and was taught how to swordfight in the years she has lived in LA, which helped her land the role of Alex in the most epic web series Walking in Circles. Jennifer is currently working as an actor and cosplay model in Los Angeles.



Diana Restrepo was born and raised in New Jersey.  Her first acting role was Cinderella when she was only 7 years old.   She has been acting ever since.  In middle and high school, Diana attended local theatre and took up acting classes as well as improv. When she was 19, she moved to south Florida and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her Bachelors in Theatre.  Diana moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue her acting career and follow her dreams.  Once in Los Angeles, she found Swordplay Studios and has been training in stage combat and sword fighting. She also is involved with kickboxing.  Diana wishes one day to become the next action film star.



No one knows where James Rodehaver came from or why he’s here, but one thing is for certain, he wrote a series called Walking In Circles. James has been trying to write something coherent since the fourth grade and has been very successful in the field of “beginnings of stories that are quickly abandoned”. Walking In Circles marks the first project that he’s actually finished, which means it should be another 22 years until the world sees anything else. Unless we’re counting, Shake, his entry into the Cleveland 48 hour film festival which got a nomination for best use of the required prop. He’s a lifelong geek with an unhealthy obsession for rolling dice and pretending to kill monsters. Things he does to procrastinate from writing include reading, playing video games and avoiding direct sunlight.



We'd love to tell you all about Andrew and his many interests and talents, but we'll let the links below do all the hard work for us!



John came to Los Angeles in 2007, planning to pursue a career as an actor. Splitting time between jobs and finding acting work, he waited until something new came his way. Walking In Circles is that project. While not having the opportunity to perform in Season 1, he busied himself working on all the below-the-line efforts. Props, costumes, and learning how to use a camera for the first time in his life were the most important elements. Most of the props, including the pouches, bags, books, and Krag's iconic warhammer were designed and built by John. He has a dual degree in theatre and psychology from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. He has studied with The Second City in Los Angeles and is a graduate of their improvisation program. You can find John in Season 2 of Walking In Circles as Patrick the ranger.



Nathan Ondracek is originally from Wheaton, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  He graduated college with a Major in Communication and a Minor in Theatre.  Nathan also studied with the Los Angeles Film Studies Center while in college, and it was because of this program that he was in LA to audition for Walking In Circles.  He’s also been involved with improvisational theater since 2008, and currently works with the Los Angeles based troupe Justified Harassment.  Justified Harassment performs long form improv around the LA area, and has performed with groups like Deep Dish at the Hollywood Improv and The Trans4merZ at the Fanatic Salon.  Nathan has also been involved with theatrical performances around Los Angeles through The Tre Stage and The Little Theater, working in theater geared towards all age groups.



Kay is originally from the Midwest, and she relocated to LA after graduating from the University of Missouri to join other thespian alumni like Jon Hamm, George C. Scott, Chris Cooper, and Kate Capshaw.  Working with Kevin Spacey for an American Airlines campaign, being on the bridge of the Enterprise for J.J. Abram's 2009 Star Trek reboot, and getting paid to rock climb for various roles have been highlights for her so far.  She's an athletic, outdoorsy kid at heart who grew up with three brothers in the Ozarks.  Jolene is the oldest of the four.  Instead of skinning squirrels, as seen in the Ozark-based Winter's Bone, she and her siblings all found a passion for sci-fi and fantasy.  In addition to acting full-time, she plays D&D with a group every Friday.  When asked to which method of acting she subscribes, Kay says actors should learn it all.  "Everybody has a different way of bringing honesty to a performance, and each character is different.  I challenge myself with improv, Meisner, whatever!  In college it was all musical theatre and Shakespeare.  It's important to have every conceivable tool I can so that when something like Walking in Circles comes along… I'm ready!"



Piotr Michael is an actor, comedian and voice artist. He recently co-starred on PopTv's Impress Me, playing an up and coming impressionist who seems to climb up the showbiz ladder faster than his peers. Piotr's voice work can be heard across all media, including radio as a regular on The Howard Stern Show, feature films such as Edge of Tomorrow, television shows like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and Conan, as well as voices for Disney, Comedy Central, TBS, Cartoon Network, BBC Radio, and Blizzard Entertainment. Beginning as an impressionist, Piotr gained worldwide attention from Youtube, showcasing his chameleon-like ability to mimic and create original characters. Besides film and television, Piotr Michael regularly performs on stage, online and in audio podcasts.



Azim Rizk found his passion for acting and the performing arts at the early age of eleven when he performed in a school production of Scheherazade. In 2008, after years of determination, he moved to Los Angeles, CA where he has been acting professionally in such projects as The Middle, Perception, and All Together Now. Additionally, he has been working as a children’s entertainer, stuntman and fencing instructor since the move. You can see Azim in his most recent role as the Black Power Ranger in the kid’s action series Power Ranger’s Mega Force.



Adam hails from Columbus, Ohio and a very large musical theatre background. He moved out to Los Angeles five years ago to take the film industry by storm. He currently works at Tim Weskes' Swordplay Studios where he is an instructor and sword fighter under the sword master. In his free time, which isn't a lot, you can find him making costumes, kicking butt in kickboxing, and using his black belt in Tae Kwon Do to save the city. He really is a super hero....no lie. Ask Batman, he knows.



Chad works from home with his fiance Angie as Screen Team. They create geeky music and content which can be seen on YouTube!



Amber Rose Plaster is a sassy redheaded actress in LA. She specializes in editing, social media, and just being awesome. She loves reading, dancing, and learning special weapons - right now she is learning archery on the recurve bow, fencing with foils, and attempting to fully load her .45 magazine without breaking a nail. You can find all of her links and upcoming news on her website.



Rocketed to Los Angeles from a small Montana town, Don Kidd strives to live up to the mantra: Fighting for Truth, Justice and Pumpkin Pie.



Lemar Harris is far more interesting than this paragraph will state. Also, he plays the Demon Debt Collector, Jerfaximas, in Walking In Circles. He moved to LA from South Windsor, CT, and has been apart of Walking In Circles for a number of years. Since his arrival, Lemar has tamed a dragon, cured cancer, and also became an artistic director of a community theater in the center of Hollywood. A jack of all trades (but a master in none) Lemar has acted, directed, and been a part of many stage crews for theatrical productions. While not in front of the camera in Season 1, Lemar took the role of sound mixer and lighting grip. There are many epic things to be said about him, but alas not all of it can fit into a single paragraph.