May 2nd and 3rd Squire Quigley tried desperately to put on a live show entitled Sir Krag and the Ogre at the Tulare County Renaissance Festival. Though his efforts at story telling were a dismal failure thanks to Markus’s shenanigans, Krag’s inability to separate story from reality, and constantly having to check to make sure Alex wasn’t shaking down the audience, everyone still had a really great time. Festival goers had a good laugh as Quigley’s dreams fell apart one by one and we really hope we get the chance to be a part of this awesome event next year. Lucky for you, Ian Pugh of Neptune Cinema was there to film the show, and soon you can see Walking In Circles Live on our YouTube channel. Subscribe now so you can watch the very instant our adventures go public! In the meantime, check out the rest of our photos from the Festival on our Photos Page and be sure to submit your own from the event!

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