Walking In Circles is a series forged in the blood, sweat, and tears of its creators. A show born in the grassy hills of Ohio and carried across the country to the fabled lands of California, where dreams are crafted like nice furniture made of real wood that you can’t find at IKEA. But, like those pieces of furniture, the creators of Walking In Circles couldn’t afford the tremendous cost of making an epic series without the support of their friends and families. Armed with an idea so crazy it had to be attempted, Adam Rady and James Rodehaver gathered everyone they knew, and laid their plans. In early 2011, after much deliberation, writing, re-writing, casting, and begging for resources the first season of Walking In Circles began production. On July 19th of that same year the internet was finally introduced to Krag (Eric Radic), Markus (Adam Rady),  Angie (Katie Wilson), Garand (Jonah Priour), and Alex (Teresa Decher). From there, fans followed the barbarian prince on his journey to slay the dragon and avenge his father. There was laughter and song, danger around every corner, abject terror whenever someone lost track of Alex’s whereabouts, and in the end there was victory… sort of.

It was quickly apparent that Krag’s journey was not over, but Adam and James had nary a penny to their name. Not to be deterred they turned to the fans for help, and an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign was launched. Adam and James were soon able to begin pre-production on a second season. It was going to be bigger, bolder, bloodier, better, and…bigger. Traveling to the far reaches of Big Bear California, the crew found exotic new places to film the adventures of Krag, and brought on a host of incredible guest stars including Jolene Kay (Star Trek, Scandal), Chad Nikolaus (The Screen Team), and Franc Ross (Firefly, Breaking Bad). They recruited epic swordsman TJ Cencula (Warrior Showdown) to choreograph intense action. They added the talents of Jared Hoy to their crew from such legendary epics as The Guild and Legend of Neil. With the combined might of these brave souls they set about creating a second season so amazing that it would stand unmatched by all forever. And lo, they have accomplished such a feat, declared the Best Film by both the Galactic Film Festival (2014) and the Tulare Sci-Fi Con (2015), the latter of which went on to bestow the high honor of Best Performance upon Adam Rady.

Now, both seasons of Walking In Circles rest in the hallowed confines of YouTube, free for all to gaze upon. They are accompanied by countless hours of behind the scenes videos that chronical the epic tale of creation I have briefly summarized. The future of this awesome show is shrouded in mystery, the veil of the future clouded by mounting credit card debt and empty bank accounts. But one thing is certain; it is an epic tale about dragons n’ stuff.

Tulare Sci-Fi Con Best Film
Tulare Sci-Fi Con Best Performance
Galactic Film Fest Best In Show
GeekFest Film Fest Official Selection